Happenings in the next couple of weeks


100_6947October 22 we’ll have fresh chicken available in the late afternoon for $5/lb.  Please call or email soon to reserve your birds.  You can also pick them up frozen later, but we’d prefer to move as many of them as possible fresh.

November 1 we are offering a sheet mulching demonstration and free lunch in partnership with the Lunchbox.  The sheet mulching demonstration starts at 11am, followed by a free soup meal using farm grown ingredients.  Sheet mulching involves covering the ground with a barrier layer that will break down within a season (cardboard or newspaper) topped with composted manures and mulch layers.  This smothers weeds, adds fertility and keeps the soil covered. It is a great way to prepare new garden space for next year.  If you’d like to help, come prepared to handle mulch and compost.  Anyone interested in a tour afterwards is welcome to stick around. This is a family friendly event- feel free to come for any part of the day.  Frozen chickens and garlic will also be available for sale that day.

Next comes the mulch

Sheet mulching with a class from Sterling College

November 2 we are hosting a hands-on skill share with the NEK VT Permaculture group.  We’ll be making bone salve, an herbivore repellent for trees made from the marrow of bones. It has supposedly been used in Austria and perhaps other parts of Europe for a long time, and has recently been popularized by permaculturist Sepp Holzer.  The meeting starts at noon with a potluck. We will demonstrate the set up and burning of a fire to make the bone salve, but it won’t be complete until the next day. Anyone who wants to try some of the finished product can get some at the next NEK VT Permaculture meeting at the Craftsbury Library, November 13, 6-7pm. While we are waiting for the fire to burn we can look at and discuss other winter protection methods for trees such as guards. If there is remaining time and interest we can work on some terracing/hugel bed making nearby.  We are still looking for another cast iron dutch oven that is 10 inches wide. If anyone has an old one to donate to the craft of bone salve making please let us know soon (755-6336). It shouldn’t be used for cooking for humans afterwards, so it is a sacrifice pot. We have some marrow bones to use, but could use more if anyone has access to fresh or frozen bones filled with marrow.  Here is a link with a lot more information about bone salve making and its uses.  All are welcome to this skill share and the NEK VT Permaculture Group meetings which happen monthly on the 2nd Thursday at the Craftsbury Public Library from 6-7pm.

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