Lisa’s Farm Gallery

PoE Sep 4 IMG_0088

The gray skies of November have descended upon us.  This time of year it seems like a race to attempt to finish all the outdoor projects that we’d like to get done before frozen soil and snow covered ground make gardening more challenging.  I’m trying to put all of the gardens to bed the way I’d like to- weeded, amended, and mulched.  Usually we run out of time or materials, but perhaps we’ll get there this year.

As the greener time of year is now behind us, it seemed like a nice time to reflect on some images from the growing season.  Our neighbor Lisa Robinson has done a work exchange for vegetables every season for 3 years now.  Some weeks she also brought along her camera and captured the plants and animals as the season progressed.  When Frey and I take pictures around the farm they are usually of a particularly good looking crop, a bed after it was just weeded, or a close up scene that omits the grassy wildness.  Lisa’s pictures aren’t edited in this way- you see it like it is, through Lisa’s lens.  Here is Lisa’s photo gallery full of gardens, flowers, animals and events.


Thank you Lisa for sharing these summer moments with us!


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