Sprout Power

Clover Sprouts in Jars

Clover Sprouts in Jars

As growers of sprouts and shoots we get a lot of requests for information about the nutritional qualities of our products.  As we are growers and not researchers, we can only pass along the information we have gathered from other websites and published studies.  Many of the easy to read charts such as this sprout-chart are compiled from web articles and information from others that sell sprouts.  I have basically looked for commonality in various articles to draw conclusions about the nutritional qualities of sprouts.  Though there may be variance in the exact vitamin and mineral levels in types of sprouts there seems to be agreement that sprouts are highly nutritious.  Somehow the potential of a seed gets unlocked and multiplied when it is in the early growth stage so that it has many times more vitamins, nutrients, and enzymes than either the seed or the mature plant it would become.  At the same time the carbohydrates are decreased and more protein made available.  Sprouts are also much more digestible than their raw or cooked seedy counterparts.  They are in essence little power houses that you can grow year round in a jar or tray of soil.

If you are interested in delving further into sprout nutrition here are a couple of links that are compilations of a lot more information:

Many articles and charts compiled by the Sprout People

Articles related to studies of specific constituents in sprouts

the USA also has a few nutrition tables for sprouts, but do not cover all the types we grow:  LentilRadishMungPeas

Regardless of their exact nutritional qualities, we know that having a bowl of sprouts and shoots that are fresh and alive in the heart of winter taste and feel like a good thing to be eating!

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