Repurposing Bags for CSA Pick Up



We’ve been saving our feed bags for some time now with the intention of transforming them into tote bags for our CSA members to pick up their shares in.  Last weekend with the help of my parents we actually made it happen.  I am not much of a sewer, so I needed the help and encouragement from my Mom to take on the project.  She also has a spacious room equipped with two sewing machines and good cutting mats that made the project go smoothly.  We are aiming to have enough bags to have two for each CSA member.  So each week members will need to bring back the previous week’s bag.  Hopefully that routine will be manageable for people.  We didn’t get all of the bags finished.  We tackled them in stages, assembly line style.  Mom generously offered to finish the rest.  Here are the instructions that we followed to make the bags.  We made a few adjustments, widening the base of the bag to 4″ and making the bags a little shorter.  I think they are pretty cute, and should be sturdy and washable for years to come.

It was really helpful to have all of us there to make the process work: the sewers, cutters, markers, and inside outers.  Thanks everyone!

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