Sprouts for Breakfast ?!

Actually, all of these ideas can be eaten/drank at any meal of the day.  Mostly I want to highlight some ways to use sprouts and shoots beyond the most familiar salad and sandwich options.  Breakfast is a time when most of us don’t want to spend a lot of time preparing a meal.  Often when we defer to a quick option it ends up being in the white and brown categories- cereal, toast, yogurt.  Green stuff is kind of a rarity in many breakfast meals.  Here are a few fairly simple and quick ideas for breakfast meals with the bonus color, nutrition and flavor from the addition of sprouts and shoots.



An infinite combination of good tasting and healthy things can be thrown in a blender together and called a smoothie.  We like to throw in some sprouts as well- and it’s hard to even tell they are there.  Sunflower shoots and clover sprouts are our favorites for smoothies because they have mild unassuming flavors and textures that blend in well.  The pictured smoothie is made with sunflower shoots, frozen black raspberries and blueberries, a banana, kefir, and a little maple syrup.  Many kinds of fruit and dairy, juice or coconut milk can be substituted.

IMG_0316Miso Bowl

To be quite honest the bowl pictured is much more involved than I usually whip up for breakfast (this was a dinner shot) but a simpler version is great for the morning.  Boil some water then add a dollop of miso paste to dissolve.  Throw in some kimchi, perhaps a soft boiled egg, and top with pea shoots and bean sprouts.  If you want to get fancy add some noodles, pork belly slices, and other veggies or mushrooms for a full on ramen bowl.

IMG_0381Shoots On Eggs, Any Style

A handful of shoots on top of your morning eggs makes a world of difference in your eating experience.  Here, radish shoots adorn some fried eggs and toast, making a pale meal colorful and zestier.  Any of our shoots could adorn your scrambled eggs, be thrown in an omelet, or top something a little fancier like eggs benedict.

Have fun and try something new for breakfast!

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