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100_7666The annual seed order mayhem is over.  We actually enjoy putting together the seed order, but it seems to take us an inordinate amount of time to accomplish.  It is a balancing act where our desire to try new varieties is juggled with the variables of cost, limited growing space, and tried and true varieties we have experience growing.  It is easy to get lost in the pages and pages of different tomatoes and winter squash.  We prioritize organic and open pollinated seeds, though there are a few types of veggies where hybrids do win out.  We continue to split the majority of our orders between Fedco, High Mowing, Turtle Tree, and Johhny’s.  There are a lot of great very small seed companies out there now, many of them doing all their own seed saving and really focusing on preserving unique varieties that have stories, and working on breeding/selecting for crops with location and climate appropriate characteristics.  A few small companies that we enjoyed ordering from this year include:

Wild Garden Seed

Uprising Seeds

Adaptive Seeds

Hudson Valley Seed Library

Bountiful Gardens

They are all partners with the Open Source Seed Initiative, a movement that makes some seed varieties un-patentable.  Some plant breeders have donated the varieties they have developed to become open source so that no one can patent them and anyone can save seed and continue to improve on them.  This is a system that opposes the mainstream trend of large corporations such as Monsanto that are buying up seed companies and rights to seeds at alarming rates.  Find out more about the Open Source Seed Initiative here and make sure to support all those seed breeders doing the good work, and the companies that make those seeds available.

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