What Are You Voting For?

It’s Super Tuesday, and time for voting in Vermont and many other states.  On this day, it feels like my vote can make a big impact on shaping the world that I want to live in.  I’m very thankful to have a candidate to vote for in this presidential primary that I actually feel inspired to support, something that has rarely happened for me.  I know that my voting impact goes far beyond political choices though.

What we support with our actions, words, and dollars manifests our reality, though it may feel that there are many forces at work beyond our control.  When I drive a car, cook on a propane stove, and power the appliances with electricity from the grid I acknowledge that I am casting a vote for fossil fuel extraction, water and air pollution, and climate change.  Those are not my desired outcomes.  We don’t always have the  finances or opportunities to vote exactly like we believe- so small counter actions become the alternative.  Drive less, share rides, plan your meals for efficient use of the oven, conserve electricity and work towards the goal of solar pv panels.  These are all ways that we vote.

How we eat, grow food, and where we spend our money can make a big impact on the type of agriculture that is empowered.  What size farms do you vote for?  What nutritional quality of food do you want to eat?  What quality of life do you wish for farmers and farm workers?  Do you vote for food that is full of life or just convenient?  Is that choice yours?  There are many people who can’t afford to vote the way they would like regarding their diets.  There are also many people who can afford to spend more on making good food choices that don’t.  My place is not to judge, but to offer up some food for thought as well as a few options for people wishing to vote for small healthy farms, nutritious chemical free food, and food security.

There are millions of good small farms and programs to support out there.  Here’s a are some directories of farms you might like to support :NOFA VT directory USDA local food directories

If you’d  like to vote for Peace of Earth Farm:


CSA members and local folks enjoying samples at our open house in September.

Consider becoming a member of our CSA in 2016

Supporting our Indiegogo campaign to build a passive cooler

or Support the NEK 99%’s fundraising efforts to buy CSA shares for free distribution to people in Newport, VT

I’ll step down from my soap box now.  I hope you get out and vote today, in all the ways that you are able!


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One Response to What Are You Voting For?

  1. Indeed we do vote every day via our actions and our dollars. Your post here is a good reminder of that fact, a good reminder that what we do with our days is exactly what we do with our lives. Moments matter. Day to day habits matter. It’s just that paying attention is often too much. It’s far easier to farm. carry on. will in new hampshire

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