We Raised Over $7000 to Build a Root Cellar/Passive Cooler!

100_9553Willow is resting easy, with the campaign being over and all.  We’d like to thank everyone that has supported our project so far!  Contributors, people who helped to share the campaign and tell our story, as well as those that have helped us come up with the plans for the project, blog writers, and crowdfunding adviser friends!  We raised more money in the last day of the campaign than the whole rest of the month.  Though we did not reach our intended goal, we are very happy with the resulting total.  Now that we know the amount of money we have to work with, our next steps are to re-evaluate the design of the root cellar to see if we want to scale down the original plans and look for some cost saving areas, or continue to seek some additional grant or loan funding.

We feel very loved that so many friends and family wanted to support us in this endeavor.  And it is also exciting that those same friends and family as well as many total strangers want to support this passive cooler research because of its implications for energy and cost savings!  In spreading the word about this project thousands of people may have read about the idea.  Even if those people didn’t choose to support our campaign, we are happy to have planted the seed of this passive cooler concept.  Perhaps many more experiments of this type will germinate and grow!

We look forward to reporting our progress during the building process and beyond!  Knowing that so many people have invested in this root cellar/passive cooler concept will help light a fire under us to complete the project and do some comprehensive record keeping to share.

Several people have asked about making direct contributions to us for the project.  We are happy to receive personal checks for the root cellar/passive cooler project at any time.  Find our address in the contacts page here, or stop by!  Even though you can no longer sign up for perks on our campaign page, you can still view them here, and we’d be happy to honor those same offerings for anyone contributing late.  

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