A Freedom Ranger’s Life

Our batch of 75 Freedom Ranger chickens will soon be headed to the freezer, and available for sale.  They’ve lived a good life I think.  Room to roam, pasture, and good organic feed.  Here’s a pictorial timeline peek into their lives.


Day old chicks arrive in the mail, extra special delivery by our mail man on his way home, photo by Lisa Robinson


Chicks spend 2-3 weeks in the brooder in our garage.  We’ve made it by hinging 4 old windows together, which gives our dog Willow a nice viewing opportunity.


“Teenager” chicks are transported out to the field in batches via our dog kennel.  Rounding them up is always entertaining. Photo by Lisa Robinson



Growing and exploring the grass


The chicken shelter is bottomless.  It is moved daily so their sleeping/ hang out area is fresh.  They are only confined to the shelter after dark, otherwise they are free to roam within the electric fenced area.


Getting all grown up and looking like real chickens.  We feed organic pelleted grain and lots of scraps from the garden.  They are big fans of overgrown cukes and zukes, kale, chard, piles of weeds, and sunflowers.  As they get bigger, just about anything you throw in there will disappear.  We have been experimenting this year with fermenting our grain for all of our animals.  That entails soaking the grain mix in water for 2 days with a little bit of soaked grain from an earlier batch (kind of like a sourdough starter).  Because you are plumping the grain up with all that water it feels like more food and it is supposed to be more digestible for the animals.  The goal is for us to purchase and feed less grain while the animals are still feeling satisfied and growing at a good rate.  Is it working?  It’s hard to tell.  They all like the soaked grain, and we are feeding about a third less.  We won’t know how harvest size is affected until that day arrives.

We’ll have fresh chicken available for pick up on the farm late in the day October 3, and October 4 for those that reserve birds.  After that they will be available from the freezer if you make arrangements for pick up.  Or stop by on October 16 for our Open Farm and Tasting Event and pick up some birds then!

Chicken is sold for $5/lb, and individual birds range from 4.5-6 lbs on average.  Give us a call at 802-755-6336 or email peaceofearthfarm@myfairpoint.net to reserve your birds







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