Taste and Tour

IMG_3467.JPGOctober 16, 1-4pm All are welcome to stop by for our 4th annual open farm and tasting event.

We’ll have a tour of the farm starting at 2pm, and ongoing sampling of garlic, roasted winter squash, and fresh pressed cider.  You may think garlic is garlic and squash is squash, but there are surprising differences when you get the opportunity to taste different varieties in succession, and it’s kind of fun.  Romanian Red Garlic has won first prize for the last two years.  Which variety will come out on top this year?  Only your tastebuds will tell.  We’ll have garlic, chicken and other fall goodies for sale as well.

We’ve now had a couple of good frosts, and many crops have finished.  Don’t expect to see pristine gardens at this time of year.  However, there are still some hearty cold lovers out there to behold, and we love to talk about our farming practices and plans.  We decided it is better to share the farm with folk that are interested in seeing what we do, than to hide our weedy fields and close it off to the public until perfection is reached.  It is becoming fairly obvious that weed free garden perfection may never arrive, so might as well come see it like it is!  Bring your friends, questions, and if you have extra unsprayed apples that you want to make into cider you can bring them along too.

Peace of Earth Farm is at 43 West Griggs Rd. in Albany, VT

you can find directions here or give us a call 802-755-6336





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