The 99% Market, Sharing Fresh Veggies with the Newport Community


For the past two years, Diane Peel of the NEK 99% community group has faithfully picked up CSA shares from our farm.  Later that day the two large shares would be divided up into smaller units and offered at a free table outside the NEK 99% gallery for anyone looking for some fresh produce.  The table is always staffed with a volunteer to help with veggie identification and prepping tips, as well as recipes. img_2041.jpgWe love to hear where the produce is ending up.  An elderly woman who wants enough cucumbers to make a small batch of pickles.  Kids who love the snap peas.  For many people this may be their only source of fresh vegetables for the week, no matter how small.

When we have an overabundance of a well received veggie we are happy to donate extra to the project.  At the same time we really appreciate that the NEK 99% raises funds each year to purchase shares from us.  It makes our time and labor feel valued, and our need to earn a living respected.  I like to say that the project “feeds two birds with one seed”, we get income, and many people have access to some fresh veggies.

This  year, the NEK 99%  has raised funds for one large share, but they would love to purchase another large share.  They will be raising funds at a yard sale this Saturday May 27, 8-2pm on School St. in Newport, VT.  Go support them and the veggie project and check out a myriad of other yard sales at the City Wide Yard Sale event.  I imagine you could also just drop by and give them a donation as well.

For more information about all the other cool projects that the NEK 99% is involved with check out their newsletters or follow them on Facebook.

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