Building Soil, Decreasing Erosion, and Making Productive Garden Beds with Wood?

IMG_6147We’ve been slowly terracing the hill behind our house over the past 7 years in order to turn an unproductive hillside into prime gardening space. In order to build soil and improve water holding capacity, while using resources available to us on site, we’ve used a process called hugelculture. Simply put, hugelculture takes a mound of old wood, covers it with other materials that will compost in place, and lets it all break down over a long period of time, while still growing plants on the surface layers of soil.

October 7 1-4pm we’ll be offering a workshop on Hugel Terracing

The first section of workshop we will talk about the process and look at the different terrace beds we have built over the years. See for yourself how well the process has worked, and learn from our mistakes. We’ll talk about other ways that the same process could be applied to other terrain (like flat ground) and with other building materials (wood chips, spent hay, mushroom spawn…)

The second portion of the workshop we will build some new terraces. This will involve digging holes, setting posts, moving logs and brush, so come prepared for physical work (sturdy shoes, gloves, whatever you need to stay dry and comfortable)

Pre-registration for this workshop is required. We will cancel the workshop if we don’t meet a minimum of participants. $10-$20 sliding scale fee for participation. To register email or call 802-755-6336


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