Spring is Here! Fresh Veggies are on the Horizon.

IMG_7545.jpgThe ground is finally bare, and under all that snow green shoots were ready to pop.  The rhubarb is getting going, garlic is pushing through mulch, and perennial herbs are sending new shoots up and out.


Tomato starts under lights in the house


Our little hoop house is full of plants


More starts in the larger hoop house getting ready to go in the ground.  You can also see some logs inoculated with Reishi mushroom spawn under the table.

We have starts all over the place, getting ready for planting in the hoop houses and garden beds.  We are now spending a lot of time seeding and preparing the soil.  Since we don’t till the soil, this time of year means a lot of forking, hand weeding, spreading compost, and mulching in preparation for planting.


Lovely baby arugula that I cut last night from the hoop house


Future salad in the hoop house

We should have plenty of greens, asparagus, rhubarb, and other early veggies for the first CSA shares coming up in June.  We may even have some shiitake mushrooms to offer by then.

We still have room for more CSA members for the year, if you are interested please sign up soon!  You can sign up by filling out this survey  click here

or check out our CSA page for all the details about share options, sizes, prices, and more.

We also have loads of eggs right now, both chicken and duck.  You can pick up a dozen of either type from the farm in a self service cooler.


The ducks are out of their winter hoop house and on to the summer grounds.  For just a few days they will have access to the mushroom yard so they can clean up any slugs and other bugs that want to chew on the mushrooms once they start to come out.  

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