100_8208Peace of Earth is a small farm in Albany, VT dedicated to building soil and growing tasty nutrient filled food. We strive to use the wisdom of natural systems as our guide.

We are in the process of developing our gardens and improving the soil without using mechanical tillage. Instead we create gardens with the help of chickens, pigs, and sheet mulching. Sheet mulching involves covering the ground with a barrier IMG_5339layer that will break down within a season (cardboard or newspaper) topped with composted manures and mulch layers.  This smothers weeds, adds fertility and keeps the soil covered.

We do not use pesticides, herbicides, or chemical fertilizers. We prefer to plant organic and open pollinated seeds as much as possible so that we can save our own seeds and keep a wide variety of delicious heirloom varieties alive.

We grow sprouts and shoots year round for sale at local stores and restaurants.  We also offer Community Supported Agriculture shares June-October.  Mushrooms are a new venture for us, we hope to have shiitakes for sale in 2016.  A wide variety of fruits have also been planted on the farm and over time will be a larger part of our offerings, perhaps some in the pick your own format.


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  1. Mary Gagnon says:

    Hi Frey and Rebecca, This looks great! Keep up the good work. I will post a link to the HATTs (Hardwick Area Transition Towns) facebook page. And spread the word with friends in the Albany area that you have the CSA. I envision continued success to you two goodhearted farmers and all who participate in the vision you are sharing. Love, peace and gratitude, Mare


  2. Greetings from NW Oregon! I am so glad you found us. What a lovely farm you have.

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