Interested in a Peace of Earth Farm CSA share in 2017?  Sign up now by taking this survey, or read on to learn more about our share options.100_9266.JPG


What does a Peace of Earth Farm CSA share look like?

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is a commitment involving shared responsibility between the “eaters” and the “growers”.  By purchasing a share from our farm you will help guarantee a summer’s worth of sales and offer up front cash for a small start up farm.  In return you will receive a wide variety of fresh vegetables, fruits, and mushrooms as they mature in season at near wholesale prices.   You will also have a chance to get to know a local farm and experience how your food is grown.

Vegetable Shares: Each week during the growing season you will come to our farm and receive a box of mixed vegetables and culinary herbs.  A pick up location in Hardwick is also available.  Early season boxes may be lighter and late season boxes hold a higher value, balancing out seasonal fluctuation.  Information about vegetable varieties, storage and recipes will accompany your share through an electronic newsletter.

Cost:  We strive to make good food available to everyone regardless of income.  At the same time, we need to make a sustainable income for ourselves.  Our shares are offered on a sliding scale.  Pay what you can afford.  If you can afford to pay more, your generosity will help make shares available for more people in your community.

Cost and Sign Up for 2017 Shares

4 Week Share in the month of June

Half shares based on a $10/wk value sliding scale: $30-$50 target price: $40

These early shares may contain cooking and salad greens, fresh herbs, rhubarb, asparagus, sprouts,and early veggies from the greenhouse.

18 Week Small Share July-October

based on a $20/week value sliding scale: $300-$400 Target price: $360

Click on an image below and scroll through all 18 weeks of small shares given to members in 2016 to see what you can expect in volume and variety.  Great for individuals, couples, and home garden supplementation.

18 Week Large Share July-October

based on a $30/week value sliding scale: $500-$600 Target price: $540

Large shares generally have the same variety as small shares (pictured above) but with greater volume.  Great for families.

*Ask us about work trade- we are open to bartering for up to half of the target price of your share.  If you have a particular skill to offer please let us know- we are always looking for help with things like carpentry and plumbing.

Registration for shares is preferred by May 1st

Payment is due by the 1st week’s pick up or monthly payment installments are possible.

Sign up now to ensure your 2017 membership, we are a small farm and have limited space.  You can download a brochure 2017 or call or email us and we can send you one.

Or sign up on line by filling out this survey

Rebecca Beidler and Jeffrey Ellis



43 West Griggs Rd.

Albany, VT 05820


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  1. Mary McGrath says:

    Your blog looks great! Good luck with the CSA. Mary McGrath


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