Root Cellar

Root Cellar Building Plans Delayed

Despite our best intentions, the busy growing season got in the way of completing our root cellar/passive cooler this summer.  We are still in need of a bit more funding to get the project completed, and this coming winter we intend to look into another round of grant possibilities or loans to fill in the gap.  We want all of you supporters to know that we are holding on to your donations and absolutely will make sure that the project comes to fruition.  We promise to keep you posted about how the passive cooling system works for years to come.

Please visit our indiegogo page to find out about the Root Cellar/Passive Cooler that we plan to build and how you can help!

A Big, Big Thank You Goes Out To All of These Supporters of Our Project:

Laura Beidler

Breakfast Toast aka Ben and Jess

David Beidler

Leslie and Robert Ellis

David Maynard

Diane Peel

Susan Delattre

Kevin Gregoire

John Tatlock

Courtney Blickarz

Debra Diegoli

Camilla Rockwell

Brent Beidler

Christian Swenginsen

Don and Anita Beidler


Roberta Nubile

Tony Risitano

Harvest Hill Farm

Kathee Carr

Susan Aldrich and Winnie Jones

Pamela Ladds

Pam Kennedy

Anne Obelnicki

Steve and Naomi Moyer

Brianne Thurston

Jes Raymond

And those who wish to remain Anonymous




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