Sprouts and Shoots


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We grow a variety of sprouts and shoots using certified organic seeds as well as organic potting soil.  Sprouts are raised in glass jars.  These little green gems are packed with nutrition and add a fresh flavor to salads, sandwiches and many other dishes.  Best of all, they are available locally all year round.

Suggestions and Recipes for using Sprouts and Shoots

sprout nutrition info

More ideas about how to use those sprouts and shoots.  Note that most of the suggested sprouts/shoots can be interchanged for other types (click for recipes):

Beef and veggie stir fry with bean sprouts

Crunchy sprout and veggie slaw

Garlicky pea shoots and eggs

Avocado, beet, pea shoot salad

The soup that heals

Spicy sunflower salad with carrot dressing

Farro and white bean salad

You can purchase or enjoy our sprouts and shoots at the following Vermont businesses

Retail Stores:

The Buffalo Mountain Coop Hardwick

Newport Natural Foods and Cafe, Newport

The Craftsbury General Store, Craftsbury

Plainfield Coop, Plainfield

Uncommon Market, Montpelier


Le Belvedere, Newport

Craftsbury Outdoor Center, Craftsbury

Kismet, Montpelier

Beau, Montpelier

Miso Hungry, Jay

 Products Currently Available (Wholesale Pricing):                

 $12.00/lb. Pea Shoots                              

 $10.00/lb. Buckwheat Shoots                     

$13.00/lb. Radish Shoots                             

$8.00/lb. Clover Sprouts                             

 $9.00/lb. Sprouted Bean Mix (French and Red Lentils, Mung, Adzuki, and Fenugreek)                

  $8.00/lb. Mung Bean Sprouts      

 $10.00/lb Sprout Salad (a mix of all sprouts and shoots)

$10.00/lb Wheat Grass (by special order only)

If you are a business interested in ordering our sprouts we need some advanced notice to increase production.  Please let us know a week in advance for sprouts, and two weeks in advance for shoots (if the volume is not too high we may have enough on hand for shorter notice).  We currently deliver to Hardwick, Craftsbury, Plainfield, Montpelier, and Newport, VT.

Please contact us for orders: 802-755-6336 or rebeccabeidler@yahoo.com


3 Responses to Sprouts and Shoots

  1. b says:

    Hi. How many pounds of Pea Shoots per flat ? Or how many shoots per pound ? Any good recipes for the Pea Shoots ? They look great.


    • I think the pea shoots usually yield about 1/2# per tray, each type of shoot is different and somewhat dependent on how warm the room is. Beyond the usual salad and sandwich applications- pea shoots are also good tossed on top o f bowl of hot soup at the very end to add fresh pea flavor. Chop them up and throw them in an omelet or top other preparations of eggs.


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