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We Raised Over $7000 to Build a Root Cellar/Passive Cooler!

Willow is resting easy, with the campaign being over and all.  We’d like to thank everyone that has supported our project so far!  Contributors, people who helped to share the campaign and tell our story, as well as those that have … Continue reading

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Extra Early Spring Bonus

There wasn’t much of a winter this year.  Now, the ground is essentially bare at least a month early for VT.  The ground is still frozen, and more snow and freezing temperatures will certainly come and go into May.  I’m … Continue reading

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What Are You Voting For?

It’s Super Tuesday, and time for voting in Vermont and many other states.  On this day, it feels like my vote can make a big impact on shaping the world that I want to live in.  I’m very thankful to … Continue reading

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Garlic and Tomato Test Results, Open Farm Day, and a Few Things We Learned About Tomatoes This Year

Several weeks have now passed since our Open Farm Day event.  Before it is too late, I wanted to at least report the results of the day’s taste tests of garlic and tomatoes and share some photos.  Though I doubt … Continue reading

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Upcoming projects and new ventures

My blog posts have been sparse this winter.  Partially that’s due to the fact that it’s winter and there are less note able things happening to chronicle.  Also, this time of year we are spending a lot of time researching, … Continue reading

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Lisa’s Farm Gallery

The gray skies of November have descended upon us.  This time of year it seems like a race to attempt to finish all the outdoor projects that we’d like to get done before frozen soil and snow covered ground make … Continue reading

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Greenhorns Radio Interview

We were honored to be on the Greenhorns Radio Program today for our first ever radio interview.  The short conversation features musings about our long land search, farming with animal power, and notable quotes like, “You can’t eat a tractor.” You … Continue reading

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